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Friday Drop-ins

At Scylla’s Bite studio

10am to 6pm on selected Fridays

Join us in the studio for a chat, a cuppa, or ​just a space to write and work.

We use Calendly to stay notified of who is ​coming and when.

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Just check our availability on the Thursday or Friday of ​that week and book in the time that you’re heading over.

Upcoming drop-ins

Friday 31st May

Friday 7th June

Friday 28th June

Friday 5th July

Friday 19t​h July

Friday 26t​h July

Who We Are

Our theatre company was born from the frustration of being unheard voices in the room. The only way for our stories to have a platform was to create one ourselves. Scylla’s Bite works exclusively with women and non-binary creators; to give over the floor and create the opportunity to say what needs to be said.

We create truthful, feminist theatre that bites. We acknowledge those scary things held too tightly to our chests and make the world know them to. Now is the time to be unafraid, angry and relentless. It's time to face the monsters created. When we don’t talk about issues plainly and honestly, we remove the possibility for real social change.

Our mission is to springboard artists’ work by listening, teaching, empowering and encouraging. We will create a safe, accessible and diverse space that champions the voices of those who are often spoken over. We're making room and taking charge in all roles. Whether as directors, technical crew, designers, writers or performers - we belong in theatre.

Rebekah (she/her)

Rebekah graduated from UEA's Scriptwriting and Performance BA in 2021 ​and has gone on to direct, produce, write and perform. During her studies, ​Rebekah performed regularly in university productions and was an ​assistant director on the 5-Star production Bottom's Up at the 2018 ​Edinburgh Festival Fringe. In 2021, Rebekah's play Of Milk and Honey was ​awarded the Malcolm Bradbury Prize. She has previously worked with ​Abbie as writer and performer in RatsNest Theatre's 2022 fringe show​ This Is Your Captian Speaking. Rebekah and Abbie formed Scylla’s Bite in ​2022 and produced Break Up WIth Your Boyfriend in 2023.

Becky laughs at the camera.
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Abbie (she/her)

Also a UEA drama graduate, Abbie has worked primarily as a sound ​designer and writer. Her co-written play Nothing Happens in a Petrol ​Station Car Park was awarded the Minotaur Theatre creative writing slot ​in 2021. After working as a Company Technician for Minotaur Theatre and ​technical operator for Pleasance at the 2019 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, ​Abbie has gone onto design and operate three fringe shows; Balderdash ​Theatre's Drown Your Sorrows (2021), Orange Skies' Wild Onion​ (2022/23), and RatsNest Theatre's This is Your Captain Speaking (2022) ​where she was also a writer and production manager.

Why We're Here

Statistics taken from: Mercury Musical Developments (2022), Millikin University in Decatur survey: Theatre Design & Technology (2019), United States Institute for Theatre TecWomen in Theatre Survey (2021), Gender Equality and Diversity in Eauropean Theatres (2021) What Share of The Cake by Sphinx (2019).

93% of women working in sound and lighting design have experienced gender discrimination.


0.64% of NPO funding went to women's theatre companies in 2015-2018.



26% of all UK theatre writers in 2022 were female and non-binary.


21% of NPO funding in 2017/18 went to female artistic directors.

61% of women have considered leaving working in theatre.


86% of women working in theatre are worried gender inequality will increase post-pandemic.



For every 4 women mentioned in a theatre programme there are 6 men - with men dominating technical, playwright and director roles.


56% of female arts students and graduates have experienced negative perceptions of women's work, sexist comments or double standards in the workplace.

Created by Abbie Lowe and Rebekah Smith

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023 at the ​Pleasanc​e Courtyard

An upbeat, queer and honest ​exploration of consent, self-love and ​healing. Diving into the world of ​noughties nostalgia, Cassie and Jo ​come face to face with the realities of ​their romantic relationships and the ​toxic truth behind them.


with the consent collective
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We chatted to Dr. Nina Burrowes from The Consent Collective about all things BUWYB. Join us as we navigate the difficult themes of the play and their real life applications.

[Content: themes of sexual relationships and emotional triggers.]

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The Zine

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There was so much more we wanted to say about the show, so we’ve made a zine filled to the absolute brim with stuff.

Read at your pleasure...

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